Department of Defense Security Clearance Denial Reversed

November began on a high note for Parks, Chesin & Walbert with the successful appeal of a security clearance denial. The client, a government contractor based in Washington, DC, was initially denied an industrial security clearance by the Department of Defense (DoD). The Statement of Reasons (SOR) issued by the Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals (DOHA) in April cited financial considerations as grounds for revocation of security clearance by the DoD.

The client received notice of a hearing before an administrative law judge scheduled for October 4, 2012, in Arlington, Virginia, and contacted Parks, Chesin & Walbert for assistance. At the hearing, Attorney John Mays provided extensive evidence of financial mitigation on the client’s behalf. This reformative evidence, alongside client and witness testimony, led Administrative Judge Marc E. Curry to rule in favor of the client, reversing the industrial security clearance denial.

While Parks, Chesin & Walbert frequently work with government contractors, their previous experience has been limited to cases involving wage claims and compliance with employee compensation laws. This recent security clearance hearing provided an opportunity for the firm to prove their skill at addressing some of the unique problems faced by contractors and their employees.

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