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One of the more stressful things you can encounter at work is discovering hidden wrongdoing by others. Even more stressful is when you’re a public employee and it becomes incumbent upon you to disclose that misconduct. If you’ve done so and you’ve been fired as a result, you have suffered a wrongful termination in violation of the Georgia Whistleblower Act. Contact a knowledgeable Atlanta whistleblower protection lawyer right away to begin taking the necessary steps.

A.B., an employee of a north Georgia sheriff’s department from 2001 until his firing in July 2014, alleged that he was one of those wrongfully terminated whistleblowers. That 2014 termination was preceded by a January 2014 incident where a jail officer used excessive force against an inmate. A.B., the supervisor on duty, prepared a written report. Concerned the excessive force incident might get swept under the rug, he also reported the occurrence to a lieutenant with the Office of Professional Standards (OPS).

Just a few weeks later, A.B.’s supervisor disciplined him, ostensibly for “neglect of duty.” Allegedly, the supervisor cautioned him never to contact OPS because “we’re going to take care of our own in the jail.”

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